Innovative alternatives to formal insolvency proceedings: Restructurings under the CBCA and informal workouts

October 7, 2013 3:30pm

Melaney Wagner
Goodmans LLP

Supriya Sarin
Senior Director
Special Loans, CIBC

Nigel Meakin
Senior Managing Director
FTI Consulting

Over the past several years, companies facing financial distress have increasingly been turning toward restructuring solutions that enable them to minimize the high costs and lengthy timelines generally associated with formal proceedings. In this session, you will gain detailed insight into two of the most viable alternatives – CBCA restructurings and informal workouts – and practical advice on how to choose the solution that is best for you.

  • Implementing alternatives to formal insolvency proceedings that can offer lower cost and greater control over the recovery process
  • Identifying appropriate circumstances for CBCA restructurings and informal workouts and how they are carried out
  • Determining when and how s. 192 of the CBCA is used to restructure insolvent corporations
  • Reviewing successful examples of when these alternatives have been applied