The emerging role of representative counsel: Effectively managing multiple parties to increase efficiencies in processing claims

October 7, 2013 2:30pm

Mark Zigler
Koskie Minsky LLP

Jeffrey Carhart
Miller Thomson LLP

While the courts have yet to codify an approach for the effective representation of large groups of similarly placed stakeholders, the prominent trend over the past several years has been the appointment of representative counsel. As the issue becomes increasingly common in Canadian insolvency matters, the role of representative counsel continues to evolve and develop. In this exciting new session, you will hear from experienced representative counsel in Canada’s leading insolvency cases on how to effectively manage the process.

  • Lessons on setting the parameters from the outset to manage an orderly and efficient process
  • Step-by-step guide to providing notice, obtaining instructions and providing representation to a large group of clients
  • Incorporating a process to monitor counsel fees where multiple representative counsel have been appointed
  • Reviewing the factors that a court considers in determining whether to appoint representative counsel
  • Common features that you can expect in an order for representative counsel