The Fundamentals of Administrative Law

Oct 28, 2013 6:00pm – 

Emily Lawrence
Paliare Roland Barristers

Whether you need a refresher or the law has changed significantly since you studied the basics, this is your chance to get up to speed before the conference starts.

  • The policy underlying the system of administrative justice
  • The source of tribunal jurisdiction
  • Natural justice / the principles of fundamental justice
  • Applicable procedural statutes
  • Guideline, policy and rule-making authority
  • Independence and bias: key legal principles
  • What is a privative clause, and what is its practical implication?
  • Burden of proof, standard of proof
  • Judicial review
    • Sources of authority
    • Difference from appeals
    • Remedies
    • What does “standard of review” mean?
  • Leading cases in administrative law

Emily Lawrence advocates for clients in civil, commercial and pension disputes, represents unions and employees in labour and employment law matters, and acts as prosecutor and as defense counsel before professional disciplinary tribunals. She regularly appears before courts of all levels, administrative tribunals, and boards of arbitration.

Great presenter. Very informative.”
– France Huneault, Senior Policy Analyst, FINTRAC

Instructor had vast experience in [the] practicalities of administrative law.
– Tim Jolly, Counsel, Canadian Transportation Agency