Ignite Session: Industry Specific – Food, Bank, Retail

January 27, 2015 3:30pm

Nina Mapara
Senior Counsel
Capital One

Sara Zborovski
Davis LLP

Lynn Guthrie
Legal Counsel
Shoppers Drug Mart

Delegates will break out into separate groups based on their own specific industries to share strategies for dealing with the challenges relevant to their business. Session leaders will circulate to lead the session and address key concerns.

  • Advertising and Marketing under the Food and Drugs Act: prescription and nonprescription drugs, medical devices, natural health products and food and beverages
  • Distinguishing advertising from other activities
  • The impact of product classification on advertising
  • The role of pre-clearance agencies
  • Enforcement: Health Canada, the Competition Bureau and the threat of litigation
  • Issues surrounding advertising food products as “natural” or “organic”