WORKING GROUP A: Drafting Client-Agency Agreements

Jan 28, 2015 2:00pm – 

Mary G. Griffith
Maclaren Corlett LLP

Gordon B. Greenwood
Maclaren Corlett LLP

A solid client/agency contract can safeguard your client against unexpected and often negative repercussions, and can ensure stricter compliance to governing legislation. Particularly in light of the impact of the new CASL legislation, more detailed and comprehensive contracts are required in order to protect your clients and ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of the obligations and responsibilities. This interactive hands-on session will provide you with all of the practical information you need to draft an air-tight client/agency contract.

  • How to draft an agreement to maximize clarity while maintaining comprehensiveness
  • How to balance a master agreement with individual SOWs
  • Important provisions such as, scope of services, ownership and indemnities
  • Drafting strategies to encompass third party liability issues
  • How to reflect the impact of ACTRA signatory vs non-ACTRA signatory agencies
  • Drafting strategies to accommodate work by previous agency
  • Particular considerations in terms of CASL requirements
  • Ownership issues and provisions to address new media and advertising channels
  • Considerations for multinational agencies or clients when drafting exclusivity clauses

A light lunch will be served to those attending both working groups A and B.