WORKING GROUP B: Digital Marketing for Lawyers 2.0

Jan 28, 2015 6:00pm – 

Philip Tsang
Clutch Marketing

Jonathan Vanseader
Clutch Marketing

Is your digital presence important? Without question. Research shows that one third of clients search for lawyers online. Is your profile working for you? Learn how to use tools like blogging to boost your visibility and manage your profile online. This in-depth workshop will provide you with the knowledge and strategies to reach more clients.

  • Blogging: Best practices for business development, branding, topics and management, and avoiding copyright infringement
  • Google Yourself: Managing your online presence (social media, reviews, comments, profiles, affiliations, etc.)
  • Law Firm Websites: Insight into design trends, current technologies, and best practices
  • Promotion Without Disclosure. How to market your firm while protecting your clients
  • How Social Should I Be? Analysis of different platforms, guidelines, and strategy so that you can incorporate social media into your marketing