Alexandra Wrage

Trace International (USA)

ALEXANDRAWRAGE ispresident and founder of TRACE. She is theauthor of Bribery and Extortion:Undermining Business, Governments and Security, co-editor of How toPay a Bribe: Thinking Like a Criminal to Thwart Bribery Schemes and thehost of the training DVD ToxicTransactions: Bribery, Extortion and the High Price of Bad Business,produced by NBC. Ms. Wrage has written three compliance guidebooks and is aguest blogger for Corporate Counsel. She speaks frequently on topics ofinternational law, anti-corruption initiatives and the hidden costs ofcorruption. Ms. Wrage is a member of the 2015 B20 Taskforce on Anti-Corruption,which will draft recommendations to G20 leaders for consideration in theirglobal economic policies. She is a former member of FIFA’s ill-fatedIndependent Governance Committee and has held numerous committee positions,including Chair of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the ABA’s InternationalSection and Chair of the International Legal Affairs Committee of theAssociation of Corporate Counsel. She has participated in anti-bribery workinggroups with the OECD and UN Global Compact. Ms. Wrage was named one of the“Canadians Changing the World” by the Toronto Globe & Mail and received the2014 Women in Compliance “Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to theCompliance Industry.” Prior to founding TRACE, Ms. Wrage was internationalcounsel at Northrop Grumman. Ms. Wrage, a Canadian, studied law at King’sCollege, Cambridge University.