Gina Campbell CA

Deloitte & Touche LLP, Calgary

GINA CAMPBELL is a Partner with Deloitte based inCalgary, Canada.  She is a forensic accountant by training with over 12years’ experience investigating and assisting companies addressthe risk of fraud and corruption. Gina’s investigative experienceincludes the areas of alleged corruption, fraud, financial misconduct andbreach of fiduciary duty. She has conducted investigations in numerouscountries for clients in a range of industries including energy and resources,manufacturing, technology and telecommunications and public sector. Gina works primarily with clientsacross various sectors of the Energy Industry such as Oil and Gas, Mining andEnergy Services. Gina has worked with her Energy clients to address mattersacross most aspects of their operations from securing concessions, procuringgoods and services, building new capital projects, selecting and managingvendors and third parties as well as energy trading and marketing. In addition toproviding investigative advice to clients and their counsel, Gina also acts asan advisor regarding their fraud and corruption risk management programs.