Louis Letellier

Director, Public Contracts and Money-Services Businesses
Autorité des marchés financiers, Québec City

LOUIS LETELLIER,M.FISC. is Director Public Contracts and Money Services-Businesses at theAutorité des marchés financiers (AMF). He supervises the teams responsible forthe issuance of authorizations to enterprises that wish to enter into acontract with a public body and the issuance of licences to enterprises thatwant to operate a money-services business in Quebec. Prior to joining the AMFin 2009, Mr. Letellier occupied the position of Senior Counsel (business andtransactions) at an important life insurance company of Quebec, where henegotiated several important contracts. Mr. Letellier holds a master degree in taxationfrom the University of Sherbrooke. He previously worked as a tax specialist foran internationally renowned firm.  Mr. Letellier holds a law degree fromLaval University (LL.B.) and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1998.