Marcus Davies

Legal Officer, Criminal, Security & Diplomatic Law Division
Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada

MARCUS DAVIES isa lawyer in the Criminal, Security and Diplomatic Law Division at theDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD).  Hiswork and publications focus on security, international corruption andtransnational organized crime.  In this capacity, Marcus was the lead foramendments to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and he is Canada’sG8 asset recovery focal point.  He regularly represents Canada at the UN,the OAS and other international fora on corruption and transnational crimeissues.  Prior to joining DFATD in 2008, Marcus Davies clerked at theFederal Court of Canada before moving to the Department of Justice Canada inOttawa and later the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti.  He isa member of Law Society of Upper Canada with Common and Civil Law degrees fromthe University of Ottawa and a Masters in InternationalAffairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at CarletonUniversity. He is currently finishing a Master of Laws with a Concentration inInternational Humanitarian and Security Law from the University of Ottawa,focusing on foreign bribery and asset recovery.