Maria Barton

Latham & Watkins LLP, New York

MARIABARTON is a partner in the NewYork office of Latham & Watkins. Ms. Barton specializes in white collarinvestigations and internal investigations, and advises clients onanti-corruption and compliance matters. Ms. Barton focuses her practice on: whitecollar corporate defense and regulatory matters; internal investigations;compliance counselling; matters before the World Bank and other multilateralbanks; and sanctions and export control reviews. Ms. Barton served for morethan 12 years in the United States Attorney’s Office in for the SouthernDistrict of New York. During her tenure, Ms. Barton served as the Chief of theWhite Plains Division of the US Attorney’s Office. Ms. Barton has held otherprominent investigative roles in her career where she has directed lawyerteams, investigators and analysts in far-reaching inquiries, including as:Senior counsel to the Independent Inquiry Committee, also known as the VolckerCommittee, to investigate allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption in theUnited Nations Oil-for-Food Programme; this was one of the largest expeditedinternational investigations ever conducted, involving witnesses, records andrelated foreign government investigations throughout the world; Lead Counsel toVolcker’s Independent Committee reviewing the World Bank’s anti-corruptionprogram and investigations unit; Counsel to the corporate monitor of a nationalfirm with 87 offices and over 23,000 personnel under a deferred prosecutionagreement with the Department of Justice, in which role she was responsible formonitoring compliance with the government-imposed remediation agreement,evaluating the design and implementation of the firm’s institutional ethics andcompliance system and conducting internal investigations.