Stefan Hoffmann-Kuhnt

Head of Compliance Program, Monitoring and Reporting
SNC-Lavalin, Montreal

STEFANHOFFMANN-KUHNT is Head of Compliance Program, Monitoring & Reportingat SNC-Lavalin, Canada. In this role, he is responsible for the design andimplementation of a comprehensive global Compliance Program focusing on“Prevention”, “Detection” and “Response” to anti-corruption and anti-trustchallenges including relevant Compliance policies, controls, reportingmechanisms, stakeholder engagement, collective action outreach program,communication, training, education, consultation and advisory functionsincluding the monitoring of the effectiveness of the overall ComplianceProgram. He was appointed to this role in May 2013. Prior to this role, Mr.Hoffmann-Kuhnt was the Corporate Compliance Officer of Siemens AG, Germany forthree years. Before this role he worked as a Regional Compliance Officer ofSiemens Ltd. in China and as Head of Internal Audit of Siemens Ltd. foraltogether six years. He worked in various senior management roles for Siemensin the United States, China, Australia and at the headquarters in Germany. Mr.Hoffmann-Kuhnt has a MBA graduate certificate of Business Administration fromSwinburne University, Melbourne, Australia and completed the Financial TrainingProgram at Siemens AG early in his career.