Develop a Roadmap to Build and Sustain
Reliability-Centred Maintenance

Cost escalation is creating significant competitive challenges in today’s economic environment. A number of factors are contributing to cost overruns and poor return on investment, including supply and demand imbalances, tight labor markets, and skills gaps. With mounting pressures on operations to keep costs at a minimum, asset reliability holds the potential for heightened performance and major cost savings.

Yet the journey to optimal reliability is a marathon, not a sprint. It involves significant investments in resources, time and people in order to deliver value. From a plant floor perspective, often, the links between specific reliability practices and the big value prize at the end of the day are not always apparent, which leads to difficulties in driving culture change and encouraging employees to embrace reliability practices.

CI Energy Group’s Asset Reliability Conference will walk you through the processes and strategies you need to drive best practices by linking these elements back to a holistic vision of reliability. By approaching each tool as part of a big picture strategy, you will be able to keep your organization on track, develop proper benchmarks for measuring your initiatives, and drive culture change to ensure organizational buy-in and support.

Join us for an in-depth look at how to develop a reliability framework and competency model that addresses the following key questions:

  • Defining optimal reliability: what are the leading practices and why?
  • What are the biggest impediments to optimal reliability? Why do companies so often slide back into old habits?
  • Overcoming tensions between those designing the reliability plan and those executing it: where can you find common ground? How do you encourage ongoing communication and collaboration?

In addition, gain the latest on critical tools and processes through case studies and interactive sessions:

  • Exploring effective scheduling & planning tools to facilitate cross-functional coordination, cooperation and collaboration
  • Using lean maintenance to identify the resource bottlenecks that limit your capabilities: how can they be mitigated or overcome to avoid scope creep?
  • Understanding how to reduce redundancies through ironclad work execution management
  • A guide to training employees in new reliability initiatives – overcoming the difficulties inherent in asking employees to do things differently or take on new responsibilities

With leading perspectives from Suncor Energy, Alcoa, Sherritt International, TransAlta, ERCO Worldwide, Agrium, and many more, this is the year you don’t want to miss!