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Written Proof Harper Doesn’t Care About Aboriginal Education by Hon. Carolyn Bennet, posted on Huffington Post Canada

Last week’s sensational release of documents from the RCMP’s Information to Obtain (ITO) production order in the ongoing Senate scandal created a political firestorm. This is not surprising, given it is now abundantly clear that the RCMP believes individuals in the Prime Minister’s inner circle violated the Criminal Code. [Read More…]

Over half of provinces have no plan in place with Ottawa to respond to emergencies on First Nations: Auditor General, posted on APTN

Six provinces do not have an emergency management agreement with the federal government to respond to disasters on First Nations according to a report released Tuesday by the Auditor General in Ottawa. The problem seems to begin with Aboriginal Affairs relying on provinces to support First Nations in time of need resulting in a lack of clarity of who is responsible. This has led to disagreements and even legal actions the Auditor General found. [Read More…]

Deaths of Alberta aboriginal children in care no ‘fluke of statistics’ by Darcy Henton, posted on the Edmonton Journal

Only nine per cent of Alberta children are aboriginal, yet they account for a staggering 78 per cent of children who have died in foster care since 1999. Aboriginal children are also more likely to die if they are put in foster care on reserve, a statistic that starkly highlights the federal/provincial funding disparity that gives off-reserve aboriginal children more services and more support. [Read More…]

Kidney failure rates higher among First Nations diabetics; diabetes sets in sooner by Helen Branswell, posted on the Brandon Sun

A new study says First Nations adults who develop Type 2 diabetes do so more than a decade earlier than non-native people, and have double the risk of going on to develop kidney failure. The study, which looked at Type 2 diabetes cases in Saskatchewan, found that the mean age for developing diabetes among First Nations people was 47. The mean age at which non-aboriginal people develop Type 2 diabetes was 61 years old.  [Read More…]  

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