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The General Counsel’s Role Before and After a Data Breach Incident

“It is often said that there are two kinds of companies out there — those that have suffered a data breach and those that will have one,” said Latham & Watkins partner Kevin Boyle. “So it makes a lot of sense to be prepared in advance.” Today, lawyers for large enterprises must assess and advise on complex multi-jurisdictional notification, investigation, litigation and remedial issues that arise following a major data security incident. Incidents range from unauthorized network intrusions with unknown impact, to massive disruption or denial of the availability or integrity of data, to large-scale theft of corporate trade secrets or consumer data. [Read more…]  

Social Security Tribunal saves money, but hears fewer appeals

The federal government’s new Social Security Tribunal is significantly cheaper than the system it replaced 18 months ago, but 87 per cent of its $13.6-million price tag in its first year went to salaries. Responses to written questions from Liberal MPs reveal that in 2013-14, the badly backlogged tribunal heard just 1,782 appeals from ailing, disabled and unemployed people who were denied employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan and old-age security benefits. [Read more…]  

How to Drive Corporate Counsel Up the Wall

The Great Recession has forced general counsel and corporate legal departments to change their approach to outside counsel. They’re looking closely at how firms are hired, how many firms are hired and how firms bill them for work. Does this extra scrutiny mean that clients are more forthright in acknowledging what they don’t like about their outside counsel? We asked in-house and outside counsel to tell us what irks them about their opposite numbers. Knowing from previous experience that lawyers are leery about losing business or destroying business relationships, we granted them anonymity so that they could say what’s on their minds. What follows is a summation of the complaints that they and their outside counsel have aired, as well as some suggestions on how to solve vexing problems. (Hint: Keep talking.) [Read more…]  

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