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Norway Oil Fund Ban Proves No Hurdle for Arctic Coal Mining by Saleha Mohsin, posted on Bloomberg Businessweek

As lawmakers in Oslo debate whether to ban their $840 billion sovereign wealth fund from investing in coal companies, the country has opened a new coal mine in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago.  [Read More…]  

Asian Giants Look to the Arctic by Katherine Cima and Russell Sticklor, posted on The Diplomat

After a lengthy courtship, China and India formalized their relationship with the Arctic Council in May 2013 by gaining admission as official observer states. In the months since, both countries have been actively seeking influence with the Council’s permanent members to further establish footholds in a region certain to emerge as a central arena of 21st century geopolitics, scientific research and commerce. But while public statements out of Beijing and New Delhi since May have often cited climate change research as the primary driver of the two countries’ Arctic engagement, the real underlying motive remains securing access to the region’s greatest natural treasure: energy. [Read More…]  

The Race for Arctic Oil: Advantage Russia vs. U.S. by David Francis, posted on The Fiscal Times

The United States and Russia are at odds over a host of issues, from Ukraine to Syria to Edward Snowden, prompting talks of a new Cold War. Their next confrontation could take place on the coldest place on earth. [Read More…]  

Shell’s Arctic oil plans face shareholder scrutiny by Ed King, posted on the RTCC Newswire

Shareholders in Royal Dutch Shell face warnings today that the company’s ambitious plans for Arctic oil and gas exploration are placing its future profits at risk.  [Read More…]  

Arctic oil still decades away as producers balk at costs by Mikael Holter and Niklas Magnusson, posted on the Financial Post

Lundin Petroleum AB, the Swedish explorer focused on Norway, said there won’t be any new oil output in the ice-filled waters of the Arctic for at least 15 years because of technical and logistical challenges.  [Read More…]  

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