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Actyl Group sues McDonald’s over halting of foreign worker program

An international recruiting service has filed a lawsuit in Manitoba court against McDonald’s Canada. Actyl Group is suing McDonald’s for breach of contract. [Read more…]  

Immigration law needs overhaul to deal with minor violations: R. Reis Pagtakhan

Last week, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander issued a statement setting out the federal government’s opposition to Canadian municipalities becoming “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants. The sanctuary city concept is one in which a city agrees not to take action against illegal immigrants. In Canada, at least two cities – Toronto and Hamilton, Ont. – have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities. [Read more…]  

Several thousand children deprived of schooling because of immigration status, group says

With classes set to resume this week and next, a group is calling for Quebec to allow free public education for children who have no legal status in the province. Several thousand children are being deprived of schooling because they or their parents aren’t permanent residents or Canadian citizens, estimates the Collectif éducation sans frontières. [Read more…]  

Temporary Foreign Worker Program misuse sanctioned by Harper government, union says

Documents show the Harper government allowed Alberta companies to pay thousands of foreign workers less than Canadians in 2013, the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) says. Details of the internal government documents, obtained through an Access to Information request, were shared by the group at a news conference Friday morning in Calgary. [Read more…]  

Trudeau Urges Ottawa to Work with Provinces on Foreign Workers’

Federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, has suggested in his recent remarks on Wednesday that Ottawa should work closely with Alberta and other provinces in order to sort out the issues over temporary foreign workers program in order to develop a successful immigration strategy. [Read more…]  

Group pushes for permanent residency status for temporary foreign workers

A group supporting temporary foreign workers had stern words for federal politicians on Tuesday, likening government changes to the program to the abuses of migrant workers in the early 20th century. “We feel very strongly that it is a violation of human rights,” said spokeswoman Clarizze Truscott. “These atrocities are happening again today (to) temporary foreign workers.” [Read more…]    

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