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Temporary foreign worker applications drop 74% since new reforms

Applications for temporary foreign workers have dropped by three-quarters following the new rules introduced by the federal government in June, says Employment Minister Jason Kenney. “We announced a fundamental sweep of reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program earlier this year to ensure that it is used as a last and limited resort and that Canadians always come first in the workforce. [Read more…]  

Lots of lobster, few workers

Changes to the federal temporary foreign worker program might mean the lobster on your plate may someday be processed outside of the Maritimes. “Unless we can find some way through this, (lobster processing companies) have no other alternative but to reduce their capacity,” Jerry Amirault of the Lobster Processors Association of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia said Tuesday. “The other alternative they have is to go offshore and have the work done in some other country, and we don’t want that.” [Read more…]  

Federation calls for revocation of foreign worker permits

The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) is calling for the revocation of permits issued through a now cancelled temporary foreign worker pilot that fast-tracked certain occupations. The AFL alleges that several whistle blowers have come forward claiming the unqualified workers have made work conditions unsafe. The AFL has said the program doesn’t had proper oversight. [Read more…]  

Skilled immigrants face hurdles in finding jobs, government report says

The Conservatives have made the recognition of foreign credentials for new immigrants a top priority, but skilled newcomers have told government-commissioned researchers there are “huge obstacles” preventing them from finding jobs even when they’re qualified to work here. In a report prepared earlier this year by Environics Research, newcomers in 12 focus groups across the country said other issues hinder their ability to get work. [Read more…]  

Federal government sending ‘mixed signals’ to businesses and the public about TFWs

When it comes to temporary foreign workers and protecting Canadians’ jobs, does the federal government’s latest rhetoric align with what’s really going on? When the government announced its overhaul of the temporary foreign worker program in June, it said employers must acknowledge that they know of a rule that says Canadians can’t be laid off or have their hours reduced at a workplace that employs temporary foreign workers. [Read more…]  

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