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Environmental Report Leaves the Door Open for Keystone XL by Zoë Carpenter, posted on Moyers & Company

The State Department has released a long-awaited environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Keystone XL pipeline. Here’s the key section: …  [Read More…]  

Debunking 5 Keystone pipeline myths by Paul Brandus, posted on The Week

On Friday, the State Department announced that it had no environmental objections to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would bring Canadian oil to Gulf Coast refineries. Predictably, that news is being cheered by the “drill, baby, drill” crowd, which sees the announcement as vindicating its pro-drilling position, and attacked by the greenies, who think Obama’s talk of fighting climate change is a farce. [Read More…]  

WEEK AHEAD: Keystone pipeline protest; protecting the water; Inner Loop plan by Jeremy Moule, posted on the Rochester City Newspaper

Some national progressive and environmental groups have organized a Keystone XL protest for this afternoon (Monday, February 3) to urge President Barack Obama to reject the proposed Canada-U.S. pipeline expansion.  [Read More…]  

Market optimism over Keystone XL pipeline sends Canadian dollar higher, posted on CastaNet.Net

The Canadian dollar closed higher Monday amid optimism that the controversial Keystone XL pipeline will get U.S. approval. The loonie closed off session highs but still rose 0.33 of a cent to 90.11 cents US since the pipeline would boost shipments from the oilsands and give a lift to the Canadian economy. [Read More…]  

Ten key numbers in the Keystone XL pipeline report by Juliet Eilperin, posted on The Washington Post

On Friday, the State Department released it final environmental impact statement on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport heavy crude oil extracted from bitumen deposits in Canada to the United States. Here are 10 key numbers from the analysis you need to know: … [Read More…]  

NORMAN: Running out of excuses on XL Pipeline, posted on The Bay Area Citizen

If all of the studies of the Keystone XL pipeline were laid out end-to-end, it might stretch farther than the 1,700 miles needed to complete the project.  [Read More…]  

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