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Ontario citizens want wildlife protected from wind power plants, posted on Your Industry News

Ontario citizens expect government to protect wildlife, according to a recent poll. Results of an online public poll hosted by Wind Concerns Ontario showed that 97.38 percent of the more than 1,300 people responding said they did not support the killing of birds and animals for wind power development. [Read More…]  

Kathleen Wynne, what happened to that follow-up Reddit AMA? by Robyn Urback, posted on The National Post

Suffice to call it an understatement that Ontario’s Liberal government has made a habit of brushing off its bloopers. Gosh, that gas plant scandal sure was awful, but now is the time to move forward, according to Premier Kathleen Wynne. She wasn’t quite sure how salaries at the Ontario Power Generation got so inflated, but the Liberals weren’t going to waste time “deconstructing” the past.  [Read More…]  

Ontario firm gets $250K to develop exhaust heat recovery system, posted on Cleantech Canada

An Ontario firm is getting a $250,000 booster shot as it looks to commercialize an innovative system that converts exhaust heat from trucks into an onboard power source.  [Read More…]  

Power producer fined, posted on Northern Ontario Business

Kagawong Power has been fined $2,000 in an Ontario Court of Justice for failing to operate its Charlton Generating Station in accordance with an approved water management plan. [Read More…]  

Hiring begins as K2 Wind Power project moves forward, posted on Today’s Energy Solutions

The K2 Wind Power Project  has begun hiring workers for the construction of one of Ontario’s most promising renewable energy projects following a ruling by the Environmental Review Tribunal, which dismissed the appeal of K2’s Renewable Energy Approval. [Read More…]  

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