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Oyster Creek Back Online After Nine-Day Outage, Posted on  TheSandPaper.net 

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant owned and run by the Exelon Corp. went back on line Oct. 9 after being shut for nine days when a planned outage to repair a turbine controller went longer then expected. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, restarting the reactor after the planned outage was complicated the first time on Oct. 3 when the plant automatically “scrammed,” or shut down, the return to service due to failure of a signal that a range monitor device inserted into the reactor to measure power flux levels. [Read More…]

North Anna nuclear reactor returned to service after unplanned shutdown, By Peter Bacqué Richmond Times-Dispatch, Posted on Work it, Lynchburg

Dominion Virginia Power returned its North Anna Power Station’s Unit 1 nuclear reactor to service Sunday afternoon after a maintenance hiccup in a post-refueling restart. The 948-megawatt reactor initially returned to service last Thursday after a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage, but it shut down automatically Friday afternoon after reaching 48 percent power, according to the Richmond-based utility. [Read More…]

Beaver nuclear plant outage in photos by Bob Donaldson, Posted on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A nuclear plant outage is an event years in the making, says Eric Larson, vice president at Beaver Valley Power Station where one of two nuclear reactors was shut down Sept. 30 for refueling and upgrades. Inside the containment building, engineers pull spent nuclear fuel rods out of the reactor core.  [Read More and View Slideshow…]  

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