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Laval police caught muddying cars in apparent Bill 3 protest

Man who posted video to Facebook says officers were dirtying cars to protest proposed pension reforms.

Laval police are investigating after a video was posted to Facebook that shows two of their squad cars racing through a muddy construction site and spattering a third cruiser parked nearby. Charles Ledoux posted the video on August 1. He wrote that he filmed the incident at 6 a.m. and that the cruisers repeated the action three times. The video has since been taken down. The officers were dirtying their cars in an apparent protest against the Quebec government’s proposed pension reform legislation, Bill 3, wrote Ledoux, who added that the speed limit at the construction site was 10 km/h. [Read more…]  

David Soknacki takes aim at ‘unsustainable’ police budget

Toronto mayoralty candidate David Soknacki wants the city to take aim at what he calls an “unsustainable surge in costs” in the police budget, vowing to pare back police spending by $65 million a year. “If we can fix the police budget, we can fix the city’s budget,” Soknacki said at a news conference Wednesday. Socknacki said the city must take steps to curb the steady rise in policing costs and salaries, which he said are sapping money from other city services as crime declines. The police operating budget is $1.068 billion. About 89 per cent of that total goes toward salaries and benefits. [Read more…]  

Police record checks under scrutiny in Ontario

Many say non-conviction information should be eliminated from police records altogether.

The disclosure of non-conviction information on police record checks costs many people educational and job opportunities in this province, but steps are being taken to ensure innocence is presumed until somone is proven guilty. This is the contention of both the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. Police services across the province are now evaluating what they disclose on record checks. They’re debating whether they should end the practice of noting how many times a person has had contact with police. The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police recently revised its voluntary record check guidelines to limit the practice. [Read more…]  

Can police tackle cyberbullying without Bill C-13?

Bill C-13 — known as the “cyberbullying bill” — was first introduced on Nov. 20, 2013. On the surface, the bill seeks to combat online harassment by making it illegal to distribute intimate images of a person without their consent. Public interest in the bill has been spurred by high-profile suicides of cyberbullied Canadian teens. In two separate cases, teenaged girls took their lives following harassment by schoolmates when intimate pictures of the girls were circulated throughout their communities. [Read more…]  

Police watchdog to look into Halifax arrest

Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team is investigating an arrest by Halifax police that resulted in a woman breaking her arm. The police watchdog says officers responded to a parking lot of a business at the Dartmouth Crossing shopping area on Tuesday where a 51-year-old woman was screaming and yelling. The woman was taken into custody under the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act and taken to hospital without incident. [Read more…]

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