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Federal opposition demands evidence for ‘obfuscation’ of law enforcement

The federal Liberals are demanding the Conservatives provide “historic evidence” to back up thier move to impose an indefinite gag order on anybody working for a new commission intended to reinforce accountability and transparency in the RCMP. “The concern is not with the need for those having access to critical information, but rather that the government has decided to impose a draconian and indefinite oath of secrecy,” Liberal public safety critic Wayne Easter wrote in a letter sent Monday to Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney. The letter was in response to a Global News article revealing Public Safety is planning to force anybody handling files for the forthcoming Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP to take an “oath of secrecy.” [Read more…]  

Toronto police background check behaviour ‘malicious’: lawsuit

Toronto police displayed “outrageous,” “reckless” and “malicious” conduct in breaching the Charter rights of a Toronto woman whose police background check included false allegations implicating her in a family member’s death, a lawsuit alleges.
Simuoko (Sim) Frayne filed a statement of claim Friday against the Toronto Police Services Board, Chief Bill Blair and two police employees detailing $75,000 in damages, including undermining her employment and volunteer opportunities and threatening her ability to obtain legal custody of her niece. The allegations have not been proven. No statement of defence has yet been filed. [Read more…]  

Police Chief Bill Blair rejects Doug Ford’s apology

Doug Ford has apologized for accusing Toronto police Chief Bill Blair of leaking information to the media as a form of revenge against Mayor Rob Ford, but the chief has rejected the apology. Mark Pugash, a spokesman for the chief, said Blair has not received the text of Ford’s apology for approval, so the terms in the notice of defamation have not been met. “If he feels I impugned his reputation, I apologize,” said Ford on Wednesday afternoon at city hall. “It will be up to the chief if he wants to move forward with this.” [Read more…]  

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