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Halifax officer keeps his job and isn’t charged after illegal entry and assault on resident

Two siblings are speaking out for the first time about how Halifax police “invaded” one of their homes in the middle of the night, then assaulted him as he tried to protect his sister from getting seriously hurt. “It was just like Cops. Or like a movie. The house was dark. The house was quiet … then bang-bang-bang! on my upstairs door,” said Tyson Bishop, 36, recalling the 2008 encounter. [Read more…]  

Canada’s justice costs are soaring while crime rate sinks — and the Supreme Court is to blame: report

Canada is a much safer place than 20 years ago but policing, legal, judicial and correctional costs have gone through the roof, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute. The crime rate fell 27% in the past decade, with the number of crimes, their severity and the pain and suffering they caused all decreasing. But justice costs rose by 35%, according to the report from the public policy think-tank. [Read more…]  

New anti-terror tracking measures will address ‘black hole’: CSIS

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has unveiled new federal plans to boost protection for intelligence sources, by giving them the same protections bestowed upon police informants in criminal cases. The new bill, which will likely be tabled next week, is meant to clarify the current laws, the minister told reporters. “CSIS is relying on those sources, since it is an intelligence agency, so that is why it is so critical and important that we enable CSIS with the same authority that other law enforcement agencies have … so CSIS can fully operate and protect Canadians within the scope of the law.” [Read more…]  

Government to give CSIS more powers in fight against homegrown radicals

The federal government will unveil new measures Thursday to give federal security agents more power to track suspected terrorists, the Citizen has learned. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is to announce the content of a bill he aims to table next week, according to government sources. The bill would enhance powers for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, including [Read more…]  

York Regional Police officer harassed by her superior, report finds

Imagine a boss who suspects you are using sick time for play time and can pick up the phone and track your comings and goings across international borders. Chantal Muirhead, a York Regional Police constable, had such a boss, in the form of a sergeant, according to a report commissioned by the police. [Read more…]  

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