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A new global study shows that when women and twenty-somethings lead, big things follow.

Gender and generational gaps have recently become big buzz words in the business world. According to a new study, it’s not a passing trend: Having millennials and women in leadership positions directly correlates with the success of a company. The Global Leadership Forecast looked at the workforce issues affecting 13,124 leaders from around the world, representing 48 countries and 32 major industries. [Read more…]  

Remote Workers: Don’t Let Your Work Go Unnoticed

According to the 2013 Citi/LinkedIn Today’s Professional Woman Report, 42% of women surveyed wish they could work from home more. But does telecommuting impact women’s perception of their “promotability”? 26% of the women surveyed who telecommute think they’ll get promoted, in comparison to 40% who work in the office full time. Most people I know would love to work from home at least one day a week, while more and more companies are asking employees to telecommute full time. Technology has supercharged our ability to work remotely, but with this flexibility comes a number of challenges for employees. This is especially true when it comes to visibility within the organization: Many employees work in one office, and their manager in another. [Read more…]  

4 Tips for Female Executives As They Climb the Corporate Ladder

The path to the C-suite exists for both men and women. It’s just that for women the path can often feel like a mess of potholes, detours, poor signage, downed trees and tolls. Women frequently do not have the same level of support or development opportunities that men enjoy — because they lack peers and mentors. Here are some tips I share with the female executives I coach, as they climb the corporate ladder. [Read more…]  

Having A Baby Doesn’t Block The Path To The Boardroom: What Affects Women’s Route To The Top

Rachel Short is a director at the London office of global business psychologists YSC. She supports a range of FTSE-250 clients to build individual and organisational capability. “Being an organisational psychologist is very much like being a sports psychologist,” she says. “We try to use psychological expertise and insight to boost performance, just as a coach would help a football team to improve on the pitch. We can work one-on-one, with teams of individuals, or with a whole organisation. Because we’re a relatively expensive resource, just as sports psychologists tend to work with elite athletes, we tend to work with elite individuals – but the trickledown effect in the company, the better quality of leadership, means better quality for everyone else.” Short frequently coaches senior women on progressing into leadership roles and she most recently worked on the launch and publication of Cracking the Code, research into why women succeed at work, commissioned by the 30% Club, which launched in the UK in 2010 with a goal of supporting women into 30% of FTSE-100 board positions by 2015, and produced in association with KPMG. [Read more…]  

5 Women Founders on Learning to Ignore the Word No

We are going to transform urban transportation,” Robin Chase told Inc. in 2001, shortly after co-founding Zipcar, the car-sharing company that disrupted the auto rental business. Since then, Inc. has tracked the growth of a class of entrepreneurs who aren’t white men as they spawned entire industries and busted glass ceilings. These five leaders joined us to discuss the unique and continuing hurdles facing women founders, and to share their passion for the opportunities that await those willing to discard the concept of failure.  [Read more...]  

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