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Female Lawyers Who Dress Too “Sexy” Are Apparently a “Huge Problem” in the Courtroom

Loyola Law School would like to remind its female students to button up. “I really don’t need to mention that cleavage and stiletto heels are not appropriate office wear (outside of ridiculous lawyer TV shows), do I? Yet I’m getting complaints from supervisors,” the school’s externship director told students in a recent memo. “The legal community is small in L.A. and judges [and] lawyers who have unprofessional experiences with externs TALK freely amongst themselves about the experiences. It can be embarrassing.” The memo comes from a long legal tradition of professors, judges, and fellow attorneys schooling female lawyers on just how to dress. Prior to the 1980s, it would have been scandalous for a lady lawyer to approach the bench wearing pants. [Read More…]

Have your say: How can we clear obstacles to workplace success?

The “glass ceiling” is a persistent reality for women at work, according to a recent leadership summit of Canadian women business leaders. Only 25 of Canada’s top 500 companies have women CEOs, and the Women’s Executive Network notes that the percentage of senior corporate roles held by women in Canada has only risen to 18 per cent, from 14 per cent in 2002. This stagnation in gender equality is bad for business, too. The Conference Board of Canada argues that “women’s presence at senior levels improves decision-making, operational and financial results,” and a 2010 Women Matter study by global management firm McKinsey found that companies with a high proportion of women on executive committees are 56 per cent more profitable than those with none. [Read More…]

Taking a leap to start my own PR business – Natasha Koifman, President of NKPR

Working in PR, every day is completely unique. For example, it could start with a morning meeting to present recommendations for a client, followed by a call to explore new business opportunities, before heading to an on-air appearance to talk about the latest Mulberry fashion trends. There could be a media lunch to discuss story angles and then back to the office for a conference call with a client. This particular afternoon is dedicated to internal meetings to review and consult on client strategies. A call with my real estate broker regarding office space in Los Angeles and I’m headed to a marquee event for the evening. [Read More…]

Rare female cobbler has big shoemaking plans

Agolli, 29, a graduate of interior design from Sheridan College and a Ryerson University design management graduate, has worked in the basement shop for three years now and owned it for the last seven months. She started cobbling by accident; a former department manager at Urban Outfitters, Agolli was coaxed into helping a friend set up a moccasin-making workshop. “I started and finished one pair within a couple of hours I was so into it, itching to do it so much,” she said. “That sort of sparked everything.” [Read More…]

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