Keeping Remote Accommodation Humming Along: Standards, Modernization and the Mechanical, Electrical and Water Requirements

September 23, 2014 11:35am

Kurt Stogrin
Contract Compliance Manager, Field Accommodations
Cenovus Energy Inc.

Dan Wood
Building Services Manager
MPE Engineering

Myron Ramage
HVAC Engineering Technologist
GLP Canada

  • What are the provincial and federal standards operators need to comply with today and in the near future?
  • How facilities are powered: Debating the use of diesel versus natural gas and the associated environmental issues and financial costs
  • Climate control: Exploring the HVAC systems that ensure environmental comfort
  • How the government is modernizing water systems and ensuring safety and reuse
  • Minimizing water usage in camp locations
  • Cenovus Energy Case Study: Comparing onsite water & wastewater treatment vs. hauling
    • What are the benefits and negatives of each method?
    • Identifying and mitigating the risks of both options
  • Should there be greater external oversight of onsite water treatment to ensure it’s executed properly?