Lodging 2.0 – How the Industry is Introducing Greater Functionality, Choice and Comfort in the Accommodation of Workers

September 23, 2014 9:15am

Elio Cozzi
Nomodic Modular Structures Inc.

Paul L’Heureux
Commercial Sales Manager
Apple Fitness Store Ltd.

Jim Hill
Vice President
Black Diamond Logistics

  • How the remote housing sector is adopting new building materials, styles and bringing innovation to the market to make lodges more ‘liveable’
  • How have camp bedrooms evolved to offer more personal space and home comforts?
  • Are private bathrooms now the norm, or are we not there yet?
  • The importance of managing fitness centre assets and innovations in order to maximize product lifespan:
    • Facility design to maximize your space and meet necessary safety clearances to accommodate the peak hours of use before and after dinner service
    • Creating an inviting environment for all fitness users
    • Industry recommendations on the proper fit for “unsupervised” wellness centres to ensure there is no liability, WCB and safety issues
    • Current market trends in camps for fitness and wellness programs
  • The truth about hoteling:
    • To what extent is this practice embraced by camp operators?
    • How is the hoteling model impacting the design of new lodges, including showers, storage and waiting areas?
    • Weighing the cost considerations of implementing hoteling designs earlier in the construction process than during later renovations