Angela C. Angel

Program Manager, Mobile Worker Wellness
Habitat Health Impact Consulting

ANGELA C.ANGEL is aboomtown sociologist, health impact assessment practitioner, and ProgramManager of Mobile Worker Wellness with Habitat Health Impact Consulting.  Based in Calgary, Alberta, Ms. Angel providesexpertise to industry, government, and communities on how to maximize mobileworkforce wellness, and in turn, boost worker morale, productivity, retention,safety, overall worker and community wellbeing, and industry’sbottom-line.  For the past 10 years,Angela has been investigating the links between resource development and thewellbeing of communities, including studying the contributing factors tosubstance abuse in resource boomtowns. Angela has worked as a researcher with the Alberta Government, theGovernment of Canada, and with the Department of Resource Economics &Environmental Sociology at the University of Alberta. Angela holds a Bachelorof Science in the Human Dimensions of Environmental Management and a Master ofScience in Natural Resource Sociology. Dissatisfied with the singular andall-pervasive ‘rig pig’ stereotype of blue-collar workers in Fort McMurray,Alberta, Ms. Angel’s Master’s research focused on the identity and wellbeing ofmale mobile resource workers in the Alberta Oil Sands. Her research stands asan original and innovative contribution to our understanding of modern-dayboomtowns.