Baha Hasasneh

Senior Project Engineer

BAHAHASASNEH is Sr. Project Engineer at Civeo. Baha obtained a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from theUniversity Of Jordan in 1994. He is registered with Association of ProfessionalEngineers and Geoscientists in Alberta as Professional Engineer. Baha has workedon projects in Canada, USA, Mexico, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Kosovo.He has provided consultations, studies and designs to US Army, KBR, UN, Argentina,Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, Pengrowth Oil, Husky Oil, Enerplus Energy andthe UAE Army. He has worked on the design and construction of water andwastewater treatment system for oil field application to treat produced waterand hydraulic fracturing flow back water. He possesses hands on design andconstruction experience of water and wastewater treatment systems forinternational clients at different parts of the world. He has also worked onthe design solar panel system to be used for RO systems. Additionally, Baha hashands on experience in water and wastewater Plants Operation and maintenancewith the creation and developing of plant wide technical documentation base forall equipment, including Standard Operating Procedures Manuals, Maintenanceset-up manuals and all other necessary manuals. Bahais a Water & Wastewater Engineer.