Morag Volek

Business Planning & Improvement Lead Heavy Oil - Regional Logistics
Shell Canada Ltd.

MORAGVOLEK is Business Planning & Improvement Lead, Heavy Oil -Regional Logistics, with Shell CanadaLtd. Morag currently leads the business planningand improvement team for Heavy Oil Logistics at Shell.  He is responsible for identifying andexecuting logistics business improvement initiatives across operations andassets.  In particular, he is responsiblefor tactical and strategic plans for the movement of people, materials, andequipment via air and road, development and operation of associatedinfrastructure including camps, airstrips and terminals.  Morag’s previous roles at Shell include HeavyOil Logistic Resource planner, Chemicals Customer Center & ProjectManager.  Prior to being at Shell, Moraghas experience in the Airline Service Industry and was a Food Service /Conference Manager at the University of British Columbia.