Scott Patterson

Executive Vice President
Torch Industries Ltd.

SCOTTPATTERSON is the Executive Vice President of Torch Industries Ltd. Scott began his career in the drilling industry in 1991with Drift Exploration Drilling. in 1995, he founded Western Trucking running asmall flat deck fleet in Canada and the US. In 2003, Scott was approached toconsult on a drilling project with MEG Energy Corp. Working through Oil SandsGeological Associates, Scott was MEG’s Drilling Superintendent, managing a $45Million capital budget.  In 2005, Scottassumed responsibility for all drilling operations for MEG on a permanentbasis. He was also responsible for all other site based needs including camps,road maintenance, potable water and sewage handling, fuel distribution, runwayutilization and construction, high line power maintenance and construction,rental equipment and the maintenance of all non-plant facilities on the MEG’sChristina Lake site.  In 2007, promotedto Site Services Manager, Scott planned, developed and implemented theconstruction of all-weather airstrip, a permanent fuel depot facility, wastewater treatment facility, a potable water plant facility and all permanent campfacilities for the Christina Lake project. This included all temporary campsand the design-build of a 1,500 bed permanent construction camp and a 300 bedOperations Lodge.  Scott has many strongrelationships with camp equipment suppliers, as well as extensive contacts inthe engineering, maintenance and construction fields.