Tom McHale

Gemstone Workforce Logistics

TOM MCHALEis thePresident of Gemstone Workforce Logistics.  Established in 2007, Gemstone started out solely as anair transportation logistics provider. In fact, it was the first Canadian-widecompany to get workers to Fort McMurray. Tom built the program from the workersperspective, not just from the owner’s/managers’ perspective. Before he startedGemstone, Tom worked in a camp and found it difficult because he wanted tospend more time with his family. So, he truly built the system to cater to theemployees and what they want: to get home fast. In addition, Tom also built thecompany in part to help his family find meaningful careers. With 13 brothersand sisters who possessed few opportunities, Tom wanted to give them moreoptions. Gemstone is a job that enables family to be a family (withoutforgetting that it’s a job). The goal of the creation of the company was tocreate an environment in which people can feel the way Tom wants to feel atwork: respected and peaceful.  Fromthere, Gemstone grew organically-based on client requests-to offer fly-in,fly-out, camp logistics and Gemstone Travel Management Systems (GTMS). Today,Gemstone offers the most cost effective program for common services (bussing,air transportation and camp logistics) for camps and camp workers).  GTMS can manage all logistics for commonservices. Now, instead of paying Tom for his consulting expertise, companiescan simply use GTMS for all of their logistical needs, saving millions whilethey do it.