Using Diplomacy for Managing Expectations with Key Stakeholders: Overcoming the Stigma of the “Department of No”

September 17, 2014 2:15pm


Jane Fedoretz
Former Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer
CEDA International Corporation


Mark Johnson
General Counsel

Kelly Zalec
Senior Legal Counsel
Rogers Communications

Alysha Valenti
Vice President, Corporate Legal
Oxford Properties Group

  • Using diplomacy to convey risk without shutting down business plans
  • Gaining comfort with giving advice on the fly: Personal and ethical considerations
  • How to protect the interests of your client without impeding the larger business strategy?
  • Guidelines to avoid the “John Grisham effect”: The law is not like the movies
  • Properly executing client centricity to provide sound business solutions
  • Recognizing how to determine whether your CEO views you as a strategic partner
  • Shifting from personal wins to focusing on company success
  • How to think long-term instead of transactional
Module 3 KEY TAKEAWAY: Responding to the demands to “do more
with less,” by streamlining business processes, increasing efficiency and becoming indispensable..