Day 1 - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Understanding Your Opposition: Managing Expectations and Selecting the Right Tools to Counteract

Susan McGeachie
Market Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability Services,
Ernst & Young

Monica Ospina
O Trade and Market Access

  • Who are the key players and what is their agenda?
    • Environmental Stakeholders
    • NGO’s
    • Government (local, provincial & federal)
  • What dynamics must you take into account before going into the field?
  • Identifying the new and emerging trends in gathering support for your projects
  • Proven strategies to balance the needs of communities that rely on government intervention
  • Lessons learned through practical case studies

3 - 4 pm

Building Authentic Relationships and Social License through Engagement and Communication

Lalith Gunaratne
Sage Ontario for Mindful Leadership

  • Analyzing the widening gap between mining companies and host communities: how do information technologies further exacerbate the gap?
  • Understanding how globalization has changed the strategies for host communities and increased awareness with access to information
  • Strategies to create authentic relationships based on mutual respect and benefit
  • Practical solutions to create authentic communications from the inception of community engagement to ensure success

4 - 5 pm