Risk Management: Gauging the Implications of OSFI’s New Guidance on Crown Corporations

January 29, 2014 3:30pm

W. William Woods
President and CEO
Independent Review Inc.

Ron Schwartz
Managing Partner
RiskOnBoard Inc.

OSFI’s new corporate governance guidelines apply strictly to financial institutions; however, there is an undercurrent that indirectly raises the bar for Crown corporations. Join us for a detailed overview of the OSFI guidelines, an analysis of what they mean for the future of Crown corporation transparency and compliance, a discussion of their impact on enterprise wide risk management, and how to prepare to be in “compliance” with the expected new norm.

  • Analysis of how these guidelines may influence risk management in Crown corporations
  • Enterprise risk management:
    • Top strategies used to incorporate risk management within a governance framework
    • Solutions to overcome challenges in establishing a comprehensive framework to manage risk and proactively identify new risks
  • Learning the importance of establishing your company’s risk tolerance and appetite
    • Practical strategies to implement early on
  • Discussions of where can boards find additional guidance on what proactive risk management tasks should be addressed in their organization