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Learning from Today to Benefit Tomorrow

Cyber Security Connect: Public Sector offers an exclusive, closed-door event for heads of information security to network and discuss strategies for tackling this emerging problem. Participants will share one-on-one time with IT professionals and cyber security experts across Ontario’s municipal, provincial and federal governments, universities and health sectors. Our dynamic round-table sessions provide an interactive learning experience that is designed to help propel departmental plans in IM/IT forward.

How It Works
  • Delegates are strategically divided into designated groups before the event.
  • Each group visits 6 tables throughout the day.
  • Each table is moderated by a subject matter expert and will feature a different discussion topic.
  • After every 40-minute discussion, each group rotates to the next round-table and has a new conversation on a new topic.
Who Attends?
  • Cyber & Information Security Governance
  • Operations
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Forensics
  • Incident Response
  • Risk Management
  • Privacy
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