Understand the Implications of New Regulations. Craft your Tailor-Made Business and Compliance Plan. Obtain Strategic Benchmarking and Evaluation Strategies Directly from Derivatives Market Participants and Key Stakeholders.

In an effort to create more transparent markets and strengthen liquidity and capital, the regulators continue to construct new rules, giving shape to complex and dynamic obligations that have become increasingly difficult to anticipate, plan for and comply with.

Attend The Canadian Institute’s 9th Derivatives Reform forum to understand exactly how to deconstruct, implement and comply with key new changes to the derivatives rules and how these changes will impact your business. Be privy to firsthand industry knowledge on up-to-the-minute developments, through timely sessions to help you:

  • Explore what the provinces are doing with their legislation for lessons learned from your counterparts across the country
  • Understand how to efficiently comply with the key new changes, with guidance directly from the regulators
  • Gain clarity on the requirements of and deadlines for Dodd-Frank implementation and how to prioritize your obligations
  • Explore the practical implications of the reforms on conducting trades
  • Manage new requirements in OTC derivatives from swap execution facilities to registrant rules
  • Prepare your business for global change by examining and knowing how to prepare for key developments in world markets that impact on Canadian business

PRACTICAL TRAINING! Leverage the advanced conference content and expand on the insight gained at the forum by participating in these targeted sessions:

Derivatives Primer: An Intensive course to help you leverage the advanced forum content

Augment the knowledge gained at the forum with a practical workshop on:

Deconstructing Your Dodd-Frank Implementation Challenges: An Industry Case Study

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We look forward to meeting you at the conference in January!