Francesca Guolo

Goodmans LLP

FRANCESCA GUOLO is a partner at Goodmans. She practices in the fields of structured finance & derivatives, corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions. Francesca’s experience in the field of structured finance is broad. It spans both the North American and European markets. Her practice encompasses such diverse matters as interest rate, FX, credit and equity derivatives, covered bonds, monetizations, securities lending, debt trading, CDOs and synthetic and asset-backed securitizations. Francesca has represented, and continues to represent, numerous categories of participants in the structured finance & derivatives field, including originators, issuers, sponsors or arrangers, administrators or managers, counterparties and investors. Of particular note:  Francesca led the Goodmans’ team representing and advising the Pan-Canadian Third Party Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Investors Committee in the successful restructuring of the C$32 billion non-bank sponsored asset-backed commercial paper market in Canada; and Francesca advised CMHC on policy and strategic questions arising in the context of the establishment, administration and regulation of Canada’s registered covered bond programs legal framework and assisted CMHC in the drafting of the Canadian Registered Covered Bond Programs Guide (first published on December 17, 2012).  She continues to advise CMHC in its new role as the administrator of the Canadian registered covered bond programs legal framework. In the field of corporate finance, Francesca represents market participants, issuers and investors in public financings and private investments of debt and equity.  She provides advice, on an ongoing basis, to her private and public company clients (primarily in the financial services sector) on matters of securities and corporate law compliance, governance, regulatory compliance and investor relations. Francesca completed her LL.B. at Osgoode Hall Law School in 1987.  She joined Goodmans in 1992 and became a partner in 1996.