Learning from Today to Benefit Tomorrow

Providing effective government services starts at the top with strategic planning and bold decision-making to better serve citizens. As digital solutions continue to open doors to innovative approaches, public sector leaders are seeking out new ways to ensure services are more efficient, accessible and customized for users.

GovConnect Federal offers an exclusive, invitation-only platform for heads of information management and public sector transformation across the GoC to delve into the hot topics affecting their department.

Our dynamic round-table sessions facilitate peer-to-peer learning opportunities and meaning dialogue to help set the stage for pursuing digital transformation and modernization goals. Learn from past mistakes and collaborate on best practices to turn your vision for the future of government into reality.

How It Works
  • Delegates are strategically divided into designated groups before the event.
  • Each group visits 6 tables throughout the day.
  • Each table is moderated by a subject matter expert and will feature a different discussion topic.
  • After every 40-minute discussion, each group rotates to the next round-table and has a new conversation on a new topic.
Who Attends?
  • Chief/Deputy Information Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Information and Communications Technology (ADMs, Directors)
  • IT/Policy Strategy (ADMs, Directors)
  • Chief/Deputy Technology Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Business Transformation (ADMs, Directors)
  • Service Design/Delivery (ADMs, Directors)
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