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Calling all Digital Reformers!

Tech-savvy citizens are holding governments to higher expectations through enhanced service delivery, dynamic user-experience, greater protected digital identities, and easier access to information. Governments are feeling the pressure to adapt.

GovConnect Ontario is the annual event to engage with key technology and policy stakeholders involved in Ontario’s public sector transformation. There is no better opportunity to cultivate best practices and draft innovative road maps to achieve your future digital government aspirations.

Apply today to take advantage of direct peer-to-peer interaction and gain insights and direct support from your counterparts on key challenges.

Roundtable Topics
Topic #1

Data Analytics: Your new superpower

  • The capability of advanced business analytics to see and predict data
  • The ability of predictive analytics to react to events before they happen
  • Implementing innovative ways where users can see data in real-time
Topic #2

Cybersecurity and Privacy: Proactive surveillance to prevent any cyber attacks

  • Designing transformation strategies with cybersecurity in mind from the start
  • Adapting to the changing culture of cybersecurity to focus on designing around user needs
  • Crafting a privacy program which is compliant with data-privacy regulations that will allow users to data with confidence
Topic #3

Procurement Innovation and Business Process Automation: Engage with your workforce and culture

  • Leveraging agile procurement to tap into the expertise and support more business
  • Diagnosing the advantages of Business Process Automation in your workplace
  • Uncovering ways to create a connected and engaging workplace with more shared values and trust
Topic #4

Optimising Emerging Technologies

  • Identifying opportunities to harness new technologies
  • Applying best practices to implement strategies
  • Managing security and privacy risks
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Unmissable Day

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It was my first time at GovConnect and I loved it. I had some really good conversations and as someone working on building capacity and culture change, it was really useful to hear what others in government are thinking and what their challenges are.

Kate Kalcevich
Government of Ontario
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The conference flow was well planned and well executed. I enjoyed all of the speakers, as well as the interactive component which required us to move around. The conversations at the table were insightful and stimulating, and I found that 40 minutes was just enough time for each discussion.

Vinita Bijur
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
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