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Lodging options for workers typically range from man camps and apartments, to barges and offshore housing, depending on the industry and situation. How can you create a home-away from- home, regardless of how makeshift or sophisticated the facility?

Whether your accommodation is nestled in the world’s far-flung oil fields, mining operations, disaster afflicted regions or other isolated locations, you can learn from the many players who have successfully developed smoothly running operations. CI Energy Group’s International Camp Logistics and Workforce Accommodation Forum will offer the insights and practical knowledge to help you move your business forward. Gain a detailed perspective of where the industry is headed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Understand the future of remote housing construction around the world: Where do experts anticipate new build based on resource booms?
  • Gain a sense of the bells and whistles guests are demanding and how implementing the range of features and services will impact your accommodation budget
  • Take a page from successful global models of worker lodging – How did builders overcome their unique challenges?
  • Learn the ins and outs of carving out a strong modular construction business overseas
  • Hear about the coming technological revolution in managing room reservations and tracking occupancy rates for all camp sizes
  • Assess the costs and effectiveness of either rebuilding your facility or restoring legacy assets
  • Ensure the safety and security of your people and operations: Invest in appropriate emergency procedures, strategies for a reliable food supply chain and worker health programs
  • Improve post-disaster planning by exploring approaches in selecting and running a temporary base camp

Create inviting living quarters for your workforce and
learn to handle any logistical hardship.

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