Showcasing Housing Case Studies in Diverse Environments Spanning the Globe

June 16, 2014 1:55pm

Carl McLaughlin
Commercial Manager
Bibby Maritime Limited

Stephen Shang
Falcon Containers

William Burgess
Business Development Officer
Western Camp Services Ltd.

  • Best practices and strategies for land-based camps and floating accommodation from Asia and Africa, to the Americas and Europe
  • Dissecting the unique conditions and obstacles encountered in scenarios around the world and how challenges were overcome
  • Determining the types of housing options to adopt and what works best in each circumstance
  • Breaking into new markets – Understanding how camp builders have grown their operations internationally:
    • What are the processes and risks involved?
    • Gauging the benefits and outcomes associated with expanding abroad
    • What are the key differences of working in North America compared to other locales around the world i.e. environmental, political, geographical and cultural?