Alan Griffiths

Managing Director, Crisis & Security Consulting
Control Risks

ALANGRIFFITHS isManaging Director, Crisis & SecurityConsulting, at Control Risks andprovides risk based security management solutions to corporate clients acrossthe region. As an industry leader in embedded consulting, Alan has extensiveexperience in implementing innovative, cost effective security solutions in theAmericas. Alan believes an organizational approach to Enterprise RiskManagement in which security risks are considered integral to the enterpriserisk profile is critical for companies operating in today’s complex businessenvironment. Proper risk mitigation strategies will be balanced, costefficient, and provide operational tools which enhance business stability byreducing risk exposures based on realistic assessments of potential liability.  Alan has worked on complex security programsacross the spectrum from integrated risk analysis, crisis management programs,business continuity, workplace violence and enterprise security management inthe United States and the Americas, including Mexico, the Caribbean and Brazil.His clients have included internationally recognized companies such asCaterpillar, Amec, BP, Schlumberger, Abbott Labs, The World Bank, theInternational Monetary Fund, Activision, GDF Suez, National Oilwell Varco, theBill and Melinda Gates Foundation and ESPN. As a security manager forSchlumberger in the Middle East, Alan significantly improved the physicalsecurity environment for Schlumberger operations in Pakistan and Sudan, andmanaged complex security incidents including employee kidnapping and bombthreats.  Prior to joining Control Risks,Alan was an officer in the British Army where he served in infantry units andintelligence. Alan has served in the United Kingdom, Canada, Kosovo, SierraLeone and Northern Ireland. Alan was privileged on three occasions to commandthe changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.