Christopher Wanjek

Food At Work: Workplace Solutions for Malnutrition, Obesity and Chronic Diseases

CHRISTOPHERWANJEK isa health and science writer based near Washington, D.C.  He is the author of two health books, Food At Work:Workplace Solutions for Malnutrition, Obesity and Chronic Diseases (2005)and Bad Medicine (2003), and also haswritten more than 400 newspaper, magazine and web articles for periodicals suchas The Washington Post and Smithsonian Magazine.  The Foodat Work book and project was commissioned by the U.N.'s International LaborOrganization.  This project documents howmeals, or the lack there of, are a health, safety and productivity issue forworkers in all countries, rich or poor. The book contains more than 50 case studies of "foodsolutions" from around the world, ranging from high-price cafeterias tolow-cost street food options.  The bookhas been presented in more than 20 countries and, in April 2010, inspired thepassage of a law in Mexico to support worker meal programs.  Wanjek holds a master's of health degree fromHarvard School of Public Health and a degree in journalism from TempleUniversity.  He is currently the directorof communications for the Office of Intramural Research at the U.S. NationalInstitutes of Health, a position unrelated to the ongoing Food at Work project.