Colleen Fitzpatrick

Chief Commercial Officer
Innfinity Systems

COLLEENFITZPATRICK isChief Commercial Officer with Innfinity Systems. Being a survivor of ahorrific car accident a few years ago when the Doctor said they needed toamputate her foot she calmly corrected him and said “They sell shoes in pairsso I need both feet”! Today you will find Colleen in the gym as she is on aquest to compete in Powerlifting in 2014. Her fearless, hard charging attitudeis the driving force behind the explosive growth at INNFINITY.  Colleen began her career in the hospitalityindustry as a front desk clerk. After joining the team at Canad Inns her talentswere recognized, she was quickly promoted to management within the organizationbefore eventually becoming the company’s youngest Director. Tasked withselecting a property management system to manage Canad Inns, Ms. Fitzpatrickdecided INNFINITY was the right choice. After testing INNFINITY’s propertymanagement system at three Canad Inns hotels, she successfully implemented thesoftware at all Canad Inns properties. Following successful rollout of INNFINITY, Ms. Fitpatrick was sought outto become part of the INNFINITY team. She began her career at INNFINITY as amember of the Training and Implementation team. She has since held severalleadership positions and played an integral part in rebranding INNFINITY as aninformation technology solutions provider not only to hotels and resorts, butalso for remote workforce accommodation providers working within the oil andgas and mining industries.  Ms.Fitzpatrick speaks on behalf of INNFINITY at conferences in the mining and oilindustry, educating professionals on the most effective way to automate andstreamline their processes. She is a chief operations consultant at INNFINITYand guides the development team in creating customized software solutions thatare tailored to the specific needs of each client.  Ms. Fitzpatrick’s has witnessed firsthand theway that INNFINITY has transformed remote workforce management in North Americaand aims to expand INNFINITY’s business practice worldwide.