Miguel Córdova

Deputy Consul General and Officer in Charge of Economic Issues
Consulate of Peru in Houston

MIGUELCÓRDOVA isthe Deputy Consul General, Officer in charge ofeconomic issues, with the Consulate ofPeru in Houston. Born on October 11, 1959 in Lima, Peru, he received a degree inInternational Affairs from the Diplomatic Academy of Peru, studiedInternational Business at Pacific University in Lima, obtained a Master ofBusiness Administration from the same university and then a Master of PoliticalScience, mention in Public Policies and Public Management, from the CatholicUniversity in Lima.  Currently a memberof the Peruvian Diplomatic Service, he has served in different areas whilestationed in the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters in Lima and abroad includingas Deputy Consul General of Peru in Houston, Texas and Officer in Charge ofEconomic Issues (August 1st, 2011 to present), as Officer of the Department ofTrade Promotion - South America and Europe markets, Lima, Foreign Affairs (2006to 2011), as Deputy Consul General in Arica, Chile, officer in charge ofeconomic issues (2001 to 2006), as Officer of the Department of TourismPromotion, Lima, Foreign Affairs (from 1999 to 2001), as Officer of theDepartment of Cultural Promotion, Lima, Foreign Affairs (from 1996 to 1998), asThird and Second Secretary of the Peruvian Embassy in Canberra, Australia (1992-1996),as Third Secretary of the Department of Asia-Pacific, Lima, Foreign Affairs (1990to 1991), and as Third Secretary of the Department of Disarmament, Lima,Foreign Affairs (1988 to 1990).