Nancy H. Rothstein MBA

The Sleep Ambassador®

NANCY H.ROTHSTEIN isThe SleepAmbassador® ( As such, Nancyconsults and lectures on Sleep Wellness to Fortune 500 corporations, the travelindustry, universities/schools and to organizations, reflecting her dedicationto educating and raising awareness about the importance of sleep to live atyour best. Nancy recently became the Director of Corporate Sleep Programs atCircadian, leaders in the field of 24/7 workforce solutions, to offersleep-centric programming to all employees at corporations. With decades ofexperience in the financial and corporate sectors, Nancy brings anunderstanding of how sleep impacts performance, productivity, profitability,health and health care costs. Nancy collaborates with recognized medical sleepexperts, as well as with other leaders, organizations and resources in thefield of sleep. Her compelling presentations and training about sleep and SleepWellness…customized for the audience she is addressing…are sure to inspire anew respect for sleep and its impact on all aspects of life and well being. Shebrings strategic initiatives and tools selected to empower people to makelasting shifts to optimize their sleep quality and quantity. Serving as amember of the Board of the American Sleep Apnea Association and the AmericanAcademy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry further reflect Nancy’s staturein the field of sleep and her dedication to diagnosis and treatment of sleepdisorders, as well as her commitment to improving people’s sleep and lives.  With a particular focus on the oil, gas andmining industry workforce, Nancy authored a White Paper for Target Logistics, Optimizing Sleep for anOptimal Workforce.  Nancy serves as an AdjunctFaculty member at NYU where she developed and teaches an online course on SleepWellness. Inspired by personal experience, Nancy authored My Daddy Snores, a children’s book published by Scholastic Inc. Todate, the book has sold over 400,000 copies. She created a family-friendlywebsite (, offering viewerscomprehensive resources about snoring, sleep apnea and sleep in general.  Nancy Rothstein has a B.A. from The Universityof Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. from The University of Chicago Booth School ofBusiness.