Everything You Need to Know About Expert Witnesses: A Critical Update on Recent Rulings

July 15, 2014 11:15am

Errol Soriano FCPA, FCA, FCBV, CFE
Managing Director, Campbell Valuation Partners Limited
Fellow, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators

  • Understanding the impact of R. v. Sekhon, 2014 SCC 15: the Supreme Court’s ruling on expert opinions
  • A comprehensive review of Rule 53 of the Rules of Civil Procedure
    • Understanding what forms are required and ensuring you fill them out properly
  • The Expert Report checklist: compiling the proper documentation and ensuring that you have the right content
  • Determining when notices are required under the Evidence Act
  • What must be included in counsel’s instructions to the expert?
  • Essential drafting tips for expert reports: preparing and writing a successful, comprehensive and compelling document
  • Timing of delivery of your expert reports
  • Special considerations impacting “hot tubbing”: managing concurrent evidence and multiple experts