Errol Soriano FCPA, FCA, FCBV, CFE

Managing Director, Campbell Valuation Partners Limited
Fellow, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators

ERROL SORIANO is ManagingDirector at Campbell Valuation Partners Limited. Since 1991, Errol’spractice has been dedicated exclusively to the areas of business valuation andthe quantification of financial loss. Errol has testified approximately 40times in various Canadian courts, arbitration proceedings and in regard toaffidavits. He has also been appointed Inspector pursuant to the OntarioBusiness Corporation Act. Errol has been recognized as a leading damages expertin Global Arbitration Review’s InternationalWho’s Who of Commercial Arbitration (where he featured as one of only fourCanadian experts), and also as a leading damages expert in cross-borderlitigation by L’expert Magazine (2012,2013 and 2014). In recognition of his leadership in the profession, Errol wasawarded the honorary title of “Fellow”by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators in 2012 and also bythe Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2013. In addition to hisbroad, practical experience, Errol is the author of an authoritative text onthe quantification of financial loss (and co-author of a second text), and haslectured extensively to professional interest groups in Canada, the UnitedStates, Europe and the Middle East.